Major Programs

Major Programs

A.Odisha Tribal Empowerment and Livelihood Programme ( OTELP )

SWATI has been implementing OTELP Extension project in Tumudibandha Block in association with the ST & SC Development Department, Govt. of Odisha since 2013. The Main objective of the project is to ensure household food security and improve livelihood opportunities and overall quality of life of the tribal population based on sustainable and equitable use of natural resources. This initiative is anchored on convergence with government schemes and programs. Capacity building for empowerment, Livelihood enhancement, Support for policy initiatives i.e.; provision of support for operationalisation of government’s  existing policy initiative in relation to tribal’s access to land and forest products and Development Initiative Fund i.e.; provision for additional fund for well performing activities and activities demanded by the community are the four broad components of the initiative.

SWATI is facilitating this programme in 46 villages of 6 panchayats in Tumudibandha Block of Kandhamal District covering 4999.00 hectares of treatable area and 1450 households.

Through this project IFAD Top Up assistance Support has been utilized for promotion of income generation activities in different livelihood portfolios such as; Bamboo Craft, Blacksmith, Carpentry, Goat rearing and Poultry. Special attention has been paid to livelihood promotion of persons with Disability.

Livelihood promotions through agriculture and horticulture programs have been taken in convergence with line departments.

Capacity building and skill up gradation of villagers, Promotion and strengthening of SHGs, Formation and strengthening of Farmers groups and Cooperatives, Vocational Training for Employment Generation.

Micro Hydro project for Energy sustainability of Rural Villages has been undertaken in the operational area.

Though this project is in withdrawal stage SWATI is engaged in withdrawal and transfer process to handover the organisational funds, responsibilities and management of infrastructures created through this project.  

B.Odisha Tribal Empowerment & Livelihood Program ( OTELP Plus )

Odisha Tribal Empowerment & Livelihood Program (OTELP Plus) is being implemented by SWATI since 2013 covering 32 villages in 6 GPs that come under 10 watersheds in Tikabali Block. It is an extended project of State government’s OTELP project to new areas, mainly operational through convergence funding of different line departments. The goal of the Project is to enable the poor households to sustainably ensure their livelihoods and food security through promoting a more efficient, equitable, self-managed, optimum use of the natural resources, off- farm/non- farm enterprise development and accessing the rights and entitlements entrenched in it. The objectives of the Project are; to Built the capacity of the marginal groups, to ensure the access of the poor tribal people to natural resources and increase its productivity, to encourage and facilitate off-farm enterprises and to ensure basic entitlements of tribal households.

The major activities of this programme are: Preparing Village development plans,  facilitating the VDCs to implement different developmental activities in village level in convergence with government departments, Mobilizing the Community for accessing rights and entitlements, Building the capacity of SHGs, Farmers groups, Village Development Committees and other  grassroots institutions, Facilitating off-farm enterprise for income and employment generation, Developing the skill and leadership of Community Service provider and Monitoring the basic food entitlements of tribal households and ensuring their access to public food supplies

C.Focussed Area Development Programme ( FADP )

The initiative is anchored on convergence with ITDA to plan & support livelihood enhancement projects by converging with various National& State programmes and external donors. The main objective of this programme is Economic development of ST families through implementation of various livelihood enhancement projects with “Individual family/Group of families” as the target group. SWATI is implementing Focused Area Development Program (FADP) in 889 villages of 48 Gram panchayats in 3 Blocks of Phulbani ITDA Area covering 2017.61 square kilometre and 1,74,846 population, out of which the tribal population is 96,610. Similarly in 9 Blocks of Baliguda ITDA Area covering 6511.54 square kilometer and 4,50,277 population, out of which the tribal population is 2,45,210.

Focused Area Development Program (FADP) has four major activities such as; Improved Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Skill development of Tribal Youth. SWATI; being a partner NGO working in association with ITDA, facilitating community mobilisation, programme arrangement, survey, identification & selection of beneficiaries for different activities,  PRA, planning, participate in  implementation process, post  follow-up of implemented activities, handholding support to beneficiaries etc. SWATI has been also facilitating in formation & promotion of CBOs with special emphasis on WSHGs along-with their involvement in various locally feasible income generating activities for socio-economic empowerment.  The Organisation has been organising Awareness building on different govt. Schemes/ programmes, supply of safe drinking water to all families, literacy promotion, community health development, Natural Resource Management, employment/ self-employment generation for unemployed masses, capacity building of different groups on their working area concern, lobby & advocacy for food security & social security are the activities under taken by this institution along-with ITDA’s planned activities.


has been implementing Orchard based Livelihood Programme WADI with the support of NABARD in Kutia Kandha villages of Belaghar, Bilamal and Gumma panchayats since 2014-15. The main objective of this programme is to give Livelihood and Income security of Poor tribal families from fruit bearing Orchard WADI. With this objective the programme also aimed to improve the standard of living of the families, developing unutilized and sloping lands into productive asset, integrating trees and other  perennials into the farming system, Emphasis on sustainable farming practice, combining livelihood activities having different gestation period and improving the food and nutrition security through intercropping. 

This WADI model is a holistic approach addressing the food security, income security, land water management and increase in production. This programme also includes other components like Water Resource management, Soil and water conservation, Drudgery reduction of women , Sustainable Agricultural Practice, Improved Agriculture, Cooperative Marketing and Integration of Landless.

Under this programme SWATI has promoted 725.5 Acres of fruit orchard of 789 farmers covering 42 villages of 3 Grampanchayats. The tribal families having land holding less than five acres are selected as beneficiary and each family are given support for maximum one acre WADI development. SWATI has given support for land development, pit digging, Fruit and border plant saplings, fertilizer and pesticide and field management. SWATI has been also given training to the farmers on pest management, water management, mulching, Compost and bio fertilizer preparation, intercropping etc. The Organisation has provided irrigation facility to WADI fields and supported seeds and agricultural implements for intercropping. SWATI has arranged Wire mesh fencing support in convergence with different Govt departments. 44 Udyana Vikash Samitis are formed in WADI villages to strengthen inter relationship among the farmers. SWATI has formed a Farmers Producers Company named Surgabhata Producers Company covering 400 WADI farmers for collective marketing of WADI products.

E. Farmers Producer Company Ltd

SWATI has promoted a Farmers Producer Company (FPO) of WADI farmers to create an enabling policy environment for investment in Farmers Producer Organisations and to leverage their Collective Marketing Power. The FPO is registered in Company act and also opened a bank passbook at Belghar UGB. Till now 480 members of 35 villages are enlisted in it and an executive body is also formed. 480 Share Holders are enrolled in FPO and Rs 96, OOO/- share capital has collected.

This year the FPO has marketed 17 quintals pulses, 12 Quintals oil seeds, 32 Quintals of millets and 3 quintals of Mango. It has also established one Rice processing and one Millet processing unit at Belaghar and a pack house with the support of ITDA. 

F. Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission ( DAY – NULM )

Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India is implementing the Programme Social Mobilisation and Institution Development (SM & ID) for the urban poor through Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihood Mission (DAY-NULM). This Programme is aimed at mobilisation of urban poor households to form their own institutions is an important investment for an effective and sustainable poverty reduction programme.

The Main objective of this project is to reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households by enabling them to access gainful self-employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, resulting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis, through building strong grassroots level institutions of the poor. It envisages mobilisation of urban poor households into a three tiered structure with Self-Help Groups (SHGs) at the grass-root level, Area Level Federations (ALFs) at the slum / ward level and City-level Federations (CLFs) at the city-level. The urban poor family members are organised to form the groups, trained and oriented for SHG management, Savings, financial inclusion, IGP planning, Skill development, Group and personal income generation programmes.

SWATI has been implementing National Urban Livelihood Mission with State Urban Development Agency in 16 wards consisting of 112 slums and 47622 HHs of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation,10 wards of Berhampur Municipal Corporation, 17 wards of Boudh NAC and 13 wards of Phulbani NAC with a Tri-Party Agreement (State Urban Development Agency, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and SWATI) since 2016.

G.Millet Mission

Government of Odisha is implementing Millet mission to revive and multiply millet base crops and to strengthen the food security and nutrition security of tribal and highland area people. The main objective of this programme is to Increase household consumption of millets by about 25% to enhance household nutrition security, to promote millet processing enterprises at Gram Panchayats and Block Level, to Improve productivity of millets crops and make them profitability and to develop millets enterprises and establishing market linkages to urban/rural markets with focus on women entrepreneurs.

SWATI is implementing this programme in Raikia block of Kandhamal district.

140 farmers of 16 villages in Indragada, Badabaraba, Jarada and Petapanga Panchayat are supported for Rainy season finger millet cultivation in their 156 acres land. Similarly 38 farmers of 4 villages are supported for winter season millet cultivation.

SWATI has organized agricultural camps, orientation and training camps to motivate the farmers on revival of millet farming.


The farmers are provided high yielding seeds with other agricultural inputs and oriented for systematic Millet Intensification (SMI) techniques, Bio fertilizer preparation and improved farming process.

All the Millet farmers have produced three times more crops in SMI farming system related to their traditional farming practice and more farmers are interested to cultivate this crop in coming season.

SWATI has organized community level food festivals on different millet based foods and created sensitization on its nutrition value among the villagers.

H. Diversion based Irrigation ( DBI )

Diversion Based Irrigation has the objective to meet the water needs of the people through utilization of available resources adopting structural measures and community participation. It is a low cost technique to supply water from distant stream to remote villages through pipe for irrigation and drinking water. This technique needs no electricity or fuel to supply water and is easily managed by the community. The major activities of this programme are community mobilization for lobour participation, infrastructure creation, command area development and agricultural support.

SWATI had established 15 DBI structures in Phiringia, K.Nuagaon and Tumudibandha Block in the 1st phase and in 2nd phase with the support from SDTT and NABARD. In the year 2017-18 it has established another 10 structures in K Nuagaon Block and Tumudibandha block.

Total 437 Households of 10 villages’ inTumudibandha and K.Nuagaon Block are getting 24 hour water supply for drinking purpose and total 257 acres Kharif crop and 124 acres land getting irrigation facility for rabi crop.

Farmers have cultivated 42 acres Patato in 16 villages, 50 acres vegetable in 17 villages, 65 acres kharif paddy in 10 villages and 5 acres sunflower in 5 villages.

SWATI has developed a ½ acre model of mixed cropping plots in all DBI villages with Banana, vegetables, creepers, leaf vegetables and root crops. So the organization has provided 3600 tissue culture banana plants, vegetable seeds, wire mess for fencing and other agricultural inputs to the farmers. A small family could get green vegetable and also income from the plot throughout the year and will get nutrition and food security.

SWATI has provided 5000 Hybrid vegetable Seedlings in 5 DBI Villages of Tumudibandha Block with the support of Surgabhata Producer Company Ltd. The organization has facilitated for Banana farm in DBI villages in convergence with Horticulture Department. The Organization has  provided 8000 Stumps of Pointed gourd to the farmers in 10nos of DBI Sites of Tumudibandha and K.Nuagaon Block.

The Farmers of Pakur, Kuabadi, Bandakinala and Udayagiri have marketed 142 quintals of Banana and 5 quintals of Pointed Guard.

I.Odisha Forestry Sector Development Programme ( OFSDP )

Ama Jangala Yojana is a flagship programme of Government of Odisha being implementing by Odisha Forest Sector Development Society ( OFSDS )in Joint Forest Management mode covering 700 VSS and Eco development Committees spread over 30 forest and wildlife divisions.

The AJY scheme aims to achieve sustainable forest management in the project area through forest restoration initiatives along with providing income generating and livelihood opportunities to the forest dependent communities, so that the pressure on adjoining forest is relieved/reduced. The main objectives of AJY Scheme are – To conserve and restore degraded forests through forest restoration initiatives, To arrest further degradation of forests through participatory forest conservation and management strategy, To empower forest dependent communities by building their capacity to participate in the sustainable forest management and to improve the livelihood opportunities of the forest dependent communities so as to reduce their dependence on forests.

Though SWATI has been selected to implement this programme in 4 FMUs coming under the DMU during this year it has implementing one FMU Mujagada under Ghumushar North Forest Division in Ganjam district.