Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Building Sustainable Livelihoods:

SWATI’s livelihood strategy focuses on household food and nutrition security and expanding income earning opportunities for rural & urban poor, more particularly tribals.

Inclusive Governance:

SWATI strives to improve the governance system that truly represents the voice of the poor. The democratic bodies, service delivery institutions are transparent and accountable to their constituencies and at the same time contribute towards building strong access, entitlements and rights of the poor and marginalized communities including women & children.

Target Groups:

SWATI has reinforced to continue the engagement with most vulnerable communities in both rural and urban locations, experiencing shortages of food and having the most difficulty to build a sustainable livelihood such as SCs & STs, landless, marginal and small farmers, poor women, transgender, migrants, physically challenged and children to meet the strategic objectives. Special effort shall be made to reach the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG) Communities.